Sunday Funday Snowday

Tokyo drifting through the neighborhood streets, Oliver and I pull over in a parking lot on the way home from church to do donuts in LC. My car missed this. She hasn’t tasted fresh powder and recklessly spun in circles for over 4 years now. She gets her fix.

But we haven’t.


One by one the roommates return from church and join in the backyard. With only a football and a foot of snow covering the terrain, we wreak havoc. All of our childhood games and behavior flood back as we chase each other around the yard, tackling, throwing snowballs, trying to make diving catches over the big bush in the middle of the yard. Who am I kidding, we are still children. Even if Monday through Friday from 8-5 doesn’t look the part, it’s all a mask covering up our natural inclinations towards fun, adventure, and stupidity.

Napa Pl.

We decide the park a block away is a much more suitable landscape for 2v2 snow football. As we trudge through the pasted streets our roommate Landon comes sliding down Napa pl. in his front wheel drive Honda, fresh from 2 days at Keystone. He quickly snags a 5 pack of Nitro Milk Stout from his trunk and calls dibs on first QB.

The game less than glorified our abilities as the retired high school athletes we are. Halftime came early, and we decided it would be ridiculous to try to play past 4 scores. Ultimately, though, a winner could not be determined on the football field. Only by competing in an epic, competitive and completely idiotic race. Immediately following the game tie-ing score, both teams had to chug the rest of their stout, sprint home, and hit the center of the wreath above our garage with a snowball. While there is some controversy over who won, winning was completely irrelevant to the day.

We were all winners.




We got to spend an entire day like we were 12 again. Running, playing, diving, and having absolutely no regard for our own, or each others, bodies.

It was the way snow days were created to be enjoyed. No matter what age we are. It was a day celebrated because a business flight was canceled, and a youth group postponed. It was a day where we could act like wild, free men. It was a day where 5 random dudes from 5 different states and colleges bonded over weather, competition, and beer.

It was a snow day.

the snow koozie

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  1. Mickey Franson says:

    I hope you always stay young at heart!!! May you grow in depth but linger in youthfulness!

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