Here’s the video I made from our Senior High Mission Trip earlier this summer to Managua, Nicaragua. You can read more about the trip from an earlier post of mine here.


Most of the footage I shot on my Rebel T3i with my Canon 35mm f1/4L lens. There also several shots with a GoPro in the video as well.

Two of the timelapses I shot at Ruby Ranch, which will soon give kids at the Managua City dump a place of refuge, fun, and time with Jesus for a week. The star timelapse was shot on the Buzbee’s property (our housing for the trip) on the third floor of one of the buildings, our favorite place to meet and spend time with the Lord.

One of my favorite parts about the video is the pure joy you see on all the faces. Whether it’s our students or the Nicaraguans, the smiles paint the perfect portrait of the heart’s emotions at the time. It was wonderful to see Jesus’ love so clearly on display, and I feel humbled and blessed for the opportunity to capture those moments forever.


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  1. Jennings Copley says:

    I got your website from Mike Buzbee to watch your video. Nicely done, it captures the Nicaraguan Mission experience. Over the past 10 years in our mission work we have developed a love for Nicaragua. [Fifth Avenue Baptist Church, Huntington, WV] and the Buzbees. With your permission I would like to us your video in a power point I am putting together for our donors to our 2012 summer mission trip. Could you e-mail me a copy of the video, I will give the you credit for the video, and God the credit for all the good things that happen in our lives as we receive the bigger gift for just the experience of Nicaragua. May God Bless and keep you. Jennings Copley

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