My Family

is cooler than your family. I’m sorry, but it’s true. I am grateful beyond measure for these wonderful people. From a mustached big bro, to a sister who cuts her own bangs, and a Papa who is obsessed with generous giving, I am #blessed! beyond measure.

Being homesick has nothing to do with a location, it has everything to do with people.

My family loves me better than I deserve and I will never quit being thankful for them. I’ve come to realize that most families are not built like ours. They don’t watch out for each other, care for each other, and support each other through anything. I am so lucky to have two siblings that I can say without a shadow of a doubt are my two biggest fans, a mother who packs a punch of love like no other, and a Dad who is constantly feeding into me spiritually (and with food). My family doesn’t pretend to be perfect, but at this stage, we are relentlessly committed to loving and supporting each other.

My heart is full because of such people.

Daniel getting Baptized. What a testament to God’s faithfulness

(1) Goldstein sibs pose on Rebecca’s front porch before our city thrifting extravaganza (2) Thanksgiving at my Aunt Deb’s in Geneseo, IL (3) Rebecca and Daniel ready to chow (4) Family: It all revolves around the big man in the chair (5) Soul City Church Baptism and Daniel going public with his faith/mustache. (794)

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2 Responses to My Family

  1. Aunt Deb says:

    Oh wow Daniel…what a neat “blog” and what neat pictures!!! You are the bomb, my nephew…truly a wonderful, God-fearing and God-honoring young man! I should have been as wise as you are when I was your age…alas, I wasn’t. We love you Mikey…always have and always will!!!! XXXOOOXXXOOOXXXOOO

  2. Mickey says:

    Love your gratefulness honey!

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