Last Hurrah of the Summer of Fun

After I dropped my sis and her boyfriend (NOW FIANCÉ WHAT?!) Ben off at the airport last July, she sent me this edited text from the airport:

(*edited): Mountains and gear and 5-in-5’s and 14’ers and pastra prima 😉 and tent cards and theology talks and beers and brunch and rummikub and tacos and mt rushmores and coffee and late night Monopoly Deal and waffles and YouTube and tailgating and Sufjan…Oh man…I dare you- Does it get any better???!!! ????


Our week with Ben and Rebecca started with dropping them off in Minturn (Minurn) while Jillian and I hiked into Missouri Lakes. I am hesitant to say the name Missouri Lakes here because it’s only the most beautiful hike I’ve ever been on plus the most incredible place to camp. Thankfully like 6 people read this blog and most of them are family living in Illinois (hey y’all!). We were virtually all alone that day and night and I’d like to return sometime in those same conditions. I mean…look at these.

IMG_9565 IMG_9694 IMG_9686

One of the many Missouri Lakes
basically the view from our campsite
casting shadows from the brightness of the moon

IMG_9626 IMG_9620 IMG_9594 IMG_9583 IMG_9579We picked them up in Minturn and hiked into the Mount of the Holy Cross trailhead about 3 miles to a nice little dispersed campground. After finding a spot, cooking some tasty backcountry food and taking a nice walk to the river we escaped the mosquitos and played euchre until the competition got too hot (2 games). The actual hike was tough, but the California sea dwellers absolutely crushed it. At one point we were all hanging on through the sour patch kids and thoughts of burgers and beers at My Brother’s Bar later.

rugged wife with Holy Cross in the background

IMG_9746 IMG_9722

not the ocean.


Our next days were just Denver dream living. Hours at Denver Bicycle Cafe, grilling by the pool, tailgating at Red Rocks, and Sufjan Stevens. Sufjan Stevens put on the best concert I have ever seen. Just pure joy, fun, depth, and beauty. See him this year if you can.

It’s a beautiful thing to live in a state where vacation is a few hours away. My wife and I just need the mountains sometimes. We feel a restlessness from being away. As if our hearts are misaligned and the quiet of a tent, the stillness of the water, or the sway of the trees realigns it. Or maybe it’s just good time together away from the busyness of the city. Denver might be a small city, but it’s a busy one. And time together in a busy city becomes less natural and you have to make more of a point of it. And when one or more of my siblings are there it’s just that much sweeter.


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4 Responses to Last Hurrah of the Summer of Fun

  1. Ben says:

    I read it. And I love it! Keep blogging my friend (soon brother!). The Goldstein’s seem to all have this gift. Such an absolute blast of a time – EPIC and AmaZing and so many other things, in fact. It doesn’t get any better!

    Or does it just get better and better….

  2. mickey franson says:

    Your pictures are spectacular and I am shouting: TAKE ME THERE!!! Stunning!
    What a handsome group!

  3. Debby says:

    Reminds me instantly of the Scripture that tells us that nature literally screams that there is a Creator!! That beauty ain’t by chance..nay, nay no way!! BEAUTIFUL pictures, Mikey…breathtaking scenery…nothing like it in IL or anywhere near IL!!

  4. Rebes says:

    Seriously… THE BEST! Us California Sea Dwellers held up!!! Again next summer??! I still have dreams of Sour Patch and My Brother’s Bar… 😉 And Fiance… what???! You & Jill are the best hosts! Can’t wait for all the adventures to come:) 🙂 🙂

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