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Seminary is over. Job life begins in 3 weeks. So in the mean time Jillian and I have been LIVING IT UP this summer.

We left on a Sunday (yes a Sunday) afternoon to camp and hike La Plata Peak Monday morning. I was looking forward to starting below tree line and taking in the gorgeous display of wildflowers that spring up mid-July. Side note: Colorado is BEAUTIFUL in the summer time (but don’t let that encourage you to move here because it’s way overcrowded, the rent is crazy high, and I-70 traffic on the weekends is my nightmare. STAY AWAY FROM DENVER). Within the first 20 minutes of our drive we couldn’t even get on I-70 because of a fire. Like an actual fire. We saw flames coming from the trees in Golden and dozens of firefighters manning the hoses. Jillian and I looked at each other like…this is a bad omen. Of all the things you want to happen within the first 30 minutes of a road trip/climbing a 14,000 ft. mountain trip, a fire is not one of them.

We meandered our way around the fire and got back on the highway in good spirits. We exited past Copper and drove over Fremont pass, which was cool because I biked over it and back a month ago. It was easier to drive. 3 miles outside of Leadville we got stopped in a line of about 20 cars. One by one they turned around and we found out that a pretty serious accident closed the one road to Leadville for the next 3 hours. Our trip was shot.

Thankfully we live in Colorado and it turns out there’s more than one place to camp and hike. One hour later we were pulling up the dirt road to Kite lake with plans to summit four (yes FOUR!) 14ers in the morning. Despite getting 30 minutes of sleep total (maybe) that night because of the crazy, tent-blasting winds at 12,000 ft. we set out early in good spirits. Being 80% above 13,000 ft. the hike was grueling and extremely windy, but offered spectacular views and a fun challenge. There’s nothing like bagging four 14ers in one trip. And as a bonus, the summit of Mt. Bross is technically illegal (whoops…).

Great spontaneous trip.

setting up camp the night before

IMG_9532 IMG_9533

it was an absolutely perfect night (except for the craaaazy wind)

IMG_9541 IMG_9544 IMG_9548

ya think?
the first of four

IMG_9564I’M BACK…to blogging. Although I like the idea of me just being back in general. 3 years in grad school really cramped my blogging skills, but I’ve been reinvigorated. While I know it’s been super hard for all my readers during this hiatus, I want you to know that content is coming! I have a ton of projects from the past three years that I’m excited to share and talk about. I want to continue to share what I’ve learned about freelancing, how to start from scratch, and purchasing “starter kits.” And of course I’ll be traveling, photographing, writing, and creating my own personal projects to share here as well.

Let the blogging (re)commence!



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3 Responses to Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, Bross

  1. Aunt Kathy says:

    Looking forward to your new blogs, Michael! You and Jillian are so fun! Love to hear what you guys are up to.????????

  2. Mickey says:

    You two amaze me! Jillian is a real trooper! Wow I can’t believe you guys were in that tent all alone up in the mountains-YIKES!! I’m glad I’m finding out about it after you’re down and back safely! Love you both!!!
    I love reading your blogs Michael! You’re a wonderful writer!!!

  3. Debby says:

    Oh…now I get it! I thought the title of your blog entry was referring to YOU as a Democrat and I almost choked! Now I get that those were the four mountains you climbed…you crazy kids, you!! You amaze me with your exciting lives and all the cool stuff you do!! ENJOY!!

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