Camp Timberline Fall Retreat


because I love it.

I should note, our fall retreat involved far more than the clearly visible raging our 70 Jr. High and High School students participated in. They heard the truth of God and received it with open hearts. They engaged in powerful worship, and put away worldly distractions to focus on our marvelous Creator.

I am continually blown away by the amazing, world-changing students in our youth group.

Now for the raging:

If that doesn’t make you want to go to Camp Timberline you’re flat out insane and deserve to be subjected to the Ludovico treatment.

And if you are a curious nerd like me, here are the tech specs:

Shot on my Canon T3i DSLR, a GoPro Hero and the ever reliable iPhone 4.

I have the absolutely incredible Magic Lantern firmware for the Canon and the Cinestyle color profile. Cinestyle is an ultra flat color profile, which gives me all sorts of control to color grade in post.

I shot with the following Lenses: Canon 35mm f1/4L (my baby), Canon 18-55, and Canon 55-200 (which I stole from my sister…thanks Rebecca!)

For the timelapses, I shot them with my Canon T3i and Magic Lantern’s handy built-in intervalometer. The Astro-lapse involved one long night (at least for my camera) to capture the stars over Twin Sisters’ peaks. Unfortunately, it was cloudy when I started shooting, and I didn’t get a great focus on the stars. The one massive shooting star is still pretty cool, though. I also had one very early, Sunday morning to get the sunrise over the twins. The timelapses were shot in RAW and rendered in After Effects.

The super slow mo that I just love so much was shot with my Canon at 60fps and rendered in Apple Motion/conformed in Cinema tools to 24fps. The result is a smooth (for the most part) 1000 frames per second! The tutorial on how to achieve this effect can be found here.

Edited in Final Cut Pro (1371)

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4 Responses to Camp Timberline Fall Retreat

  1. mom says:

    Soooooooooo Goooooooood! My favorite part was the time lapse over the mountains- clouds to stars at 3:48!
    I love what you create!

  2. Aunt Deb says:

    Mikey – you are an artist!!! Yes, I want to go to Camp Timberline!!!

  3. Colleen Shumate says:

    Wish I was there…great video. Thanks for adding video to the stories we have been hearing!!

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